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Pull a cake – Jalarse una torta

Pull a cake - Jalarse una tortaHave you ever tried to pull yourself a cake or jalarse torta?

That doesn’t make a lot of sense in English, but it does in Spanish. You really wouldn’t want to pull yourself a cake, believe me.

That’s why learning a new language can be so difficult for many. You cannot just translate word for word or put an “a” or o behind the English word to make it a Spanish word.

Wikipedia explains what a torta is as:

Torta is a Spanish, Italian, Greek, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Croatian, Swedish, Serbian, Macedonian and also Slovak word with a wide array of culinary meanings, such as a cake, or flatbread.

What’s a torta?

A torta, in Costa Rica, is a cake or a patty.

BUT, in Costa Rica, jalarse una torta does not mean pull yourself a cake, it means making a mistake, often a serious mistake. If you broke something or did something wrong, se jaló una torta. Yo me jale una torta – I made a mistake.

If you broke something really valuable or did something seriously wrong, that would be a tortón (a large cake).

If a woman says “me jalé torta” it usually means she got pregnant and didn’t want to.

Expressions like qué torta, se me olvidó mi billetera en la casa – Shoot, I forgot my wallet at home – is usually accompanied by a movement of the hand like when you shake your hands to get the excess water off. Ticos hit their fingers together so hard that it makes a snapping sound.

A falta de pan, buenas son tortas – when things are scarce, anything will do. (Thanks, Christopher Howard!)

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